Chris Country – New UK Country Music Radio Station!

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Well the Americana looms ever closer (only 8 days now folks) and for all of you Country Music fans who can’t wait to get to our 5 Live Stages – I’ve got something for you to keep you all happy.

Chris Country Online Radio has launched here in the UK and has already amassed a faithful following that grows by the day – largely due to their quality of content!


There are also the mobile apps, shortly to be launched, so you can listen to it anywhere and of course –

you can visit their Facebook Page too and follow them on Twitter – @ChrisCountryUK .

It was the brainchild of two guys called Chris who felt that their radio needs weren’t quite being met by what was already out there and set out to build the UK’s Best Country Music Station.

Why should you tune in? Why should you listen? Well – as Chris puts it:

“We’re a UK radio station that’s pretty obsessed about American country music. We love the stories, the passion, the performance and the emotion of country music. After all, it’s real musicians playing real instruments, singing about the real world. What’s not to love?”

They have a great newsletter which you can subscribe to here – packed full of news, competitions, gigs, interviews, artist info and lots, lots more.

The schedule is excellent too – being just at the right times when you want to kick back, open a beer and as Chris is fond of saying – “Get your Twang on!”

Currently, the’re playing the best new country mixed with some of the classics, and they’ll be adding more to the schedule soon.


“Every night, we slow things down and chill out. It’s not just the ballads, but we guarantee that our music will help you wind down in style.”


“Before there was Brad, Keith and Carrie, there was Waylon and Hank Jr. Join us on Sunday nights for three hours of classic country.”


“Every hour we play a Chris Country Classic, and a brand new song too. So get tuned in now, and enjoy the sound of Chris Country!”


So what are you waiting for? With old and new favourites such as Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith and Miranda Lambert –

Go to it and…

Get Your Twang On!!!


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