The Motorbike Show – Get On It!

English: Ryca Motors CS-1 Suzuki S40 cafe racer

English: Ryca Motors CS-1 Suzuki S40 cafe racer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday I watched The Motorbike Show, hosted by Henry Cole on ITV4.


It was awesome! I recommend you all watch it too if you are not already into it. You can see it on ITV Catch-Up here.

I was really impressed by the detail that Cole went into on a lot of the technical stuff and you could tell he had a real passion for the ‘amateur garage and custom’ work that so many bike enthusiasts around the world get into. This was not a pretty face (sorry Cole) to front the programme – this was actually made by a man who walks the walk and rides the ride. The level of detail that Cole and his guys went into covering the painstaking business of spray-painting one solitary petrol tank – was illuminating. There are so many different stages it actually takes days and days to do one tank – to this level anyway!


But at no point was his passion more obvious than when he was surrounded by the gorgeous eye-candy that was the perfectly-named Bike Shed Motorcycle Club!


The guys there put on a top-class event after sitting around with a few beers and deciding that their perfect custom bike show wasn’t out there so they would have to build it themselves. In what sounds like a real “If you build it… they will come” story, their website depicts how it all got off the ground here – the photos alone are well worth a visit (credited on the site as being by two of their favourite ‘snapper’ Sam Christmas and Damian McFadden).




As well as motorbikes Old King Cole also got into the Scooter scene with a bunch of ‘Scooter Boys’ AKA The Jolly Boys Scooter Club Bristol (apparently Mods is not the PC term in some circles these days!). Being a totally new experience for a a hardened, world-ridden biker like Henry Cole – this was an eye opener. “I’ve never had so much fun at so slow a speed!” he remarked, because the Scooter Boys were all in it for the laugh. Groups of mates, buzzing along in convoy at speeds that you can actually shout over to each other along the way. And they made a great spectacle en masse. One of their guys called it “Posing at 50mph”!


It was also nice to hear that the old Mods & Rockers rivalry, traditionally associated with scooters and motorbikes, is all but dead. Especially as we are looking at the UK Scooter scene for the Americana next year as we expand our portfolio of English and European classics at the show.

British Classics at The Americana Festival

British Classics at The Americana Festival
More British Classics at The Americana

More British Classics at The Americana

To sum up, bikers of all varieties out there – Bikes, Scooters, Trikes, British Classics, European Classics, Custom, Cafe Racer, Harley Davidson, Victory Motorcycles, Lambretta’s, Piaggio and Vespa’s – should all watch the Motorbike Show whenever they can and all come to our show to celebrate all that has less than four wheels!

Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel

Viva la bikes!


EDIT: (and trikes!)


English: 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR. Frysk: Har...

English: 1977 Harley-Davidson XLCR. Frysk: Harley-Davidson XLCR 1000 Café Racer út 1978. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




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